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West End House

Developed the sustainability design strategies for the refurbishment of a central London office building, which included:


> Use of motorised dampers under new windows to provide naturally ventilation in conjunction with perimeter radiators to temper fresh air coming into the building

> Installing movable blinds fixed over windows to reduce summer solar gains while allowing winter solar gains including adaptive controls for occupants

> Exposing the thermal mass to reducing internal temperatures combined with night time ventilation

> Chilled beams used to reduce internal peak temperatures in the summer.

> Energy efficient lighting, water saving sanitary fittings (including waterless urinals) and non-toxic paints also specified.


Assisted Isabel Carmona, now of CA Sustainable Architecture, in the post occupation evaluation study conducted as part of Usable Buildings Trust’s Feedback Techniques Study (2003). The refurbished office achieved an overall satisfaction rating in the top 5% of the database of studies. For a copy of a study of West End House click here 


West End House received a Green Apples Award (2004) and was published as a case study in Sustainable Architecture (2007) and which be featured in the forth-coming 3rd Edition of Professor Brian Edwards Green Buildings Pay.


Client: REID Architecture


Images reproduced by kind permission of 3DReid

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