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Stuart Barlow has been involved in a nymber of reserach projects both while at 3DReid, and previously at Reid Architecture


3DReid’s Expert Group Research:


Stuart Barlow assisted the practice’s Expert Groups with off-line research to develop sustainable solutions in their sectors, published as:

> EcoBox - a concept for sustainable warehousing

> EcoTower - a concept for a low carbon residential tower.


BRE Digest 474: Hand-Over of Building Operations:


Stuart Barlow participated in the steering group for the BRE research into a protocol to encourage more successful handover of office buildings, in order that they run more efficiently and with greater occupant satisfaction. This was published as the Digest 474: Hand-Over of Building Operations


'How Adaptive Comfort Theories Might Influence Office Refurbishment Methodologies':


MSc Dissertation research which involved studying occupants’ perceptions of comfort & how this might influence low energy refurbishment of UK offices. The findings from this were presented at the Network for Comfort & Energy Use in Buildings 2006 international conference ‘Comfort & Energy Use in Buildings - Getting Them Right’ and published in a special conference edition of the academic journal Energy & Buildings (see Publications).  


College of Estate Management’s sustainability refurbishment learning module given to Legal & General’s Investment Managers (2008):


Made a presentation & prepared 2 Knowledge Files relating to sustainability in relation to refurbishment projects for the package. The Knowledge Files covered the sustainable choice of materials and the lesson of BREEAM when applied to refurbishments.


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