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Sustainability Research Services

Using its sustainability skills and experience SPB Sustainability can provide additional off line support to clients, consultants and contractors by providing Sustainability Research services to -

Design Teams and Contractors by:


> undertaking specific research on sustainable products, materials, processes etc. that need to be incorporated into project designs and specifications to relive work load pressures


Educational Research Teams by:


> using the experience gained from achieving an MSc in Climate Change and Sustainable Development, with Distinction, from De Montfort University and from the study into building occupants’ perceptions of comfort, and how this might influence low energy refurbishment of UK offices.


The findings of which were presented at the Network for Comfort & Energy Use in Buildings international 2006 conference ‘Comfort & Energy Use in Buildings - Getting Them Right’ and published in Energy and Buildings. Click here to see a copy of this article


Developing Sustainability Policies & Procedures by:


> use the experience of Stuart Barlow who developed the sustainbaility policies and procedures of 3DReid, and his training as an internal environmental management systems auditor, to develop company specific sustainability policies and procedures