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> Guide to BREEAM 2011 - commissioned by RIBA Publications and recently published - click here for more information

> A Chapter on the lessons learnt from the refurbishment of West End House, in London, in the forth-coming 3rd Edition of “Green Buildings Pay” edited by Professor Brian Edwards.  Due for publication in 2012

> “Occupant Comfort in UK Offices – How adaptive comfort theories might influence future low energy refurbishment strategies”; Energy in Buildings (Vol. 39, 2007); Stuart Barlow & Dusan Fiala – click here to view

>‘Designing for sustainability’ in Freeman’s UK Property Development (2007)

> ‘Refurbished offices: West End House, Hills Place, London’ in Green Building Bible: Volume 1 (2007)

> Little by Little’ in Airport World (September 2007).




> Low Carbon Design: Masterplanning - a primer for reducing carbon emissions at the masterplanning stage - click here to view

> Low Carbon Design: Passive Soultions - a primer for reducing energy demand by incorporating architectural passive features - click here to view

> Environmental Policies & Procedures - presentation explaining 3DReid's policies and procedures - click here to view

> BREEAM 2008 - a presentation explaining the differences between the then new BREEAM 2008 from BREEAM 2006 - click here to view

> BREEAM 2008: Achieving Excellent Rating - a presentation showing how to achieve a BREEAM 2008 Excellent Rating - click here to view





> ‘Developing a Low Carbon Strategy – An Architects View’ presentation to Business Junction at the RIBA – click here to view

> ‘Understanding Specification – Sustainability Issues’ to Chartered Institute of Marketing Construction Interest Group

> ‘Towards the Zero Carbon Office’ – part of Hammersons’ Sustainability Week presentations 2010 - click here to view


> ‘Heading Towards Zero Carbon’ presentation to a Women in Property meeting - click here to view

> ‘Developing a Low Carbon Strategy’ presentation to a Carbon Neutral Company seminar - click here to view



> ‘Sustainability in Building Refurbishment – Lesson from BREEAM Applied to Refurbishments’ presentation to Legal & General’s Investment Managers (part of a College of Estate Management sustainability refurbishment learning module) - click here to view

To view the associated Knowledge Files:

Sustainability in Building Refurbishment: Lessons from BREEAM Applied to Refurbishment - click here

Sustainability in Building Refurbishment: Choice of Materials - click here

> Evaluating the value & cost of refurbishment versus new build’ at Building Design’s Refurbishment’s conference - click here to view

> ‘Working to optimise energy efficiency’ at Establishing Best Practice for Tomorrow’s Energy conference

> 'Development of Sustainability Legislation' at Kingston University School of Architecture - click here to view



> ‘Retail Therapy – From Responsibility to Regeneration’, at Sustain’s conference on Corporate Social Responsibility

> ‘How green can airport terminals be?’ at Sustainable Aviation 2020 conference in Munich

> ‘Balancing Regulation with Planning Permission to Maximise Return on Investment’ at Sustainable Building Refurb/ Retrofit 07.

The following selction of publications, articles and various presentations express a range knowledge and views on sustainability issues by Stuart Barlow, of SPB Sustainability