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Getting BIBS right includes:


> Abu Dhabi Education Council’s Architect’s Framework:  Provided sustainability input into a design competition for new school designs in Abu Dhabi for 3DReid - click here for more information


> Abu Dhabi Education Council’s New Headquarter Office: Provided sustainability input into a competition winning design for the Abu Dhabi Education Council’s new headquarters office in Abu Dhabi for 3DReid - click here for more information


Getting DESIGNS right includes:


> West End House, London: a refurbished central London office for REID Architecture - click here for more information


> Marks & Spencer’s Eco-store fit-outs in Bournemouth, Silverburn & Galashields: Development of Reid Architecture’s response to Marks & Spencer’s Plan created the basis for fitting out stores - click here for more information


> New Headquarters’ Office, Manchester: Initial sustainability design input to assist 3DReid’s design team designing the new highly sustainable HQ office building for The Cooperative Group - click here for more information


> Refurbishment Scheme, Aylesbury: A daylight & sunlight study for refurbishing an existing office building into residential units - click here for more information


Getting PLANNING right includes:


> Purley Way, Croydon: Environmental Performance Statement submitted with the planning application for a mixed-use retail, industrial & residential scheme on behalf of Standard Life Assurance Company  - click here for more information


> New Office Scheme, Warrington: Energy Statement submitted with the planning application for an office development on behalf of Capital & Provincial - click here for more information


> Apartments, London: A daylight & sunlight review of an apartment scheme that had received planning approval for 3DReid - click here for more information

Design Projects

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Below are a selection of design projects illustrating the range of Sustainability Design Services that SPB Sustainability can provide: