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Coopertaive Group HQ, Manchester

Provided sustainability design input to 3DReid’s design team during the initial development of the design concept for The Cooperative’s new, 500,000sqft highly sustainable HQ office building, including:


> Studies of low carbon design options for large office buildings

> Producing a matrix for achieving various BREEAM ratings to test the implications of the client’s ambition for a BREEAM ‘Outstanding Rating’ at the early design stage.


The low energy design adopted includes:


> Double skin façades

> Tempered fresh air supply through earth ducts

> Energy efficient comfort cooling from chilled beams

> A combined heat, cooling & power plant, fuelled from bio-oil produced from rape seed grown on Coop owned farms, and using the waste heat to provide cooling through absorption chillers.


Client: The Cooperative Group

Work undertaken for 3DReid


Images reproduced by kind permission of 3DReid




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