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Abu Dhabi Education Council, Framework

Providing sustainability input into a design competition submission for new school designs for the Abu Dhabi Education Council.


This included the following passive measures:  

> Provision of an over-sailing canopy to shade the external 'streets' while student and staff move between classroom clusters

> Provision of external landscaping between classroom clusters to reduce solar reflectance onto buildings

> Ventilation fresh air to be cooled through a earh duct system and with intakes located within landscape areas to provide additional evaporative cooling


In addition energy efficient measures included in the design proposals were:

> Use of buffer zones as students pass from outside into classrooms with differing comfort levels provided for


The implications of complying with Abu Dhabi’s new Estidama Pearl Design System were investigated.


Client:  3DReid

Work undertaken for 3DReid


Images reproduced by kind permission of 3DReid




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